Why Electric SUP Pumps are Better than Manual Pumps  

When going out for sea surfing, the most significant heck you face is inflating your paddleboard. You can either use manpower to inflate the board or find a high pressure air pump that can inflate your sup within minutes (without manpower).

The demand for electric air pumps has increased a lot over traditional manual pumps. Still, many sup owners aren’t convinced about using electric pumps over manual pumps.

Hence, below listed are the pointers where an electric sup pump overpowers manual pumps’ disadvantages and gives you the perfect option to inflate your sup quickly.

No Manpower Required: 

As the name suggests, manual pumps require manpower to inflate your SUP board. It is a problematic task when your motive is to enjoy sea surfing. Your enjoyment turns into hard work before diving into the sea and enjoying sea surfing. However, electric pumps don’t have such an issue. They have stored power that is used to inflate the sup. In short, your workforce is ultimately saved for enjoyment.

Save Your Time:

Time is money, and when it comes to enjoyment, every second used for unnecessary tasks drains your fun. With manual pumps, you need to invest time in inflating the sup before enjoying the water. Manual inflation takes a log of manpower and time, which doesn’t leave enough time for enjoyment. Above this, electric air pumps fill up to 21 PSI within a few minutes. Hence your entire time is saved.

Automatic Air Filling: 

With a manual pump, you have a dependency on manpower. Hence, in the absence of enough strength, you won’t be able to prepare your sup board and surf on water. However electric pump omits this heck and gives you a completely independent device to inflate the sup. With an electric pump, you don’t need anyone to inflate your sup. Instead, you just need to connect the valve and hose together and switch on the pump.

Fill Exact Air (As required):

Running your manual pump means you don’t have a track on the pressure added and the required air pressure. It may lead to overfilling the board, which is dangerous. You also need to check the pressure level manually to ensure exact pressure filling. Contrary to this, the electric pump comes with an inbuilt pressure gauge and sensors that stop inflating your sup once a specific pressure is reached. So, you can stay assured of exact air filling without worrying about overfilling issue.

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