Lake George: Queen of American Lakes

Nestled in the Adirondack Mountains of northern New Your State, Lake Geoge is the perfect place for a summer vacation. Be sure to call early for cottages for rent Lake George NY.

The Queen of American Lakes

Thirty-two mile-long Lake George was termed the “Queen of American Lakes” by none other than Thomas Jefferson back in the 1700’s. Since then and still this day, this destination has been sought after by vacationers, artists, and those looking to get away from the city and suburbs.

The lake, located in the southeastern part of the Adirondack Park, is surrounded by gorgeous mountains. The lake’s waters are unpolluted and crystal clear because the natural runoff is filtered by the surrounding forested mountains and brings no silt or clay into the lake.

During the Colonial Period, Lake George was an important part of the water portage route from Montreal to New Your City. Many naval battles were fought on the lake. Occasionally, cannonballs are still found to this day. There are preserved forts at the northern and southern ends of the lake, in Lake George Village and in Ticonderoga. The fort at Ticonderoga is especially well preserved and is open daily.

Things to Do at Lake George

Lake George boasts some of the best fishing in the northeast, with Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass, and Yellow Perch being top quarries for anglers. The lake boasts crystal clear waters that beckon swimmers in the summer season. Hiking in the forested mountains that surround the lake is encouraged by numerous, well-marked state hiking trails up dan down the length of the lake. For those preferring amusements and restaurants, the Village of Lake George, at the southern tip of the lake, is a thriving and fun experience. Several steamships ply the waters offering daily tourist cruises in the summer season.