Easy Ways To Make Your Studio Apartment Feel Bigger

Living in a studio apartment can be challenging. You don’t have a lot of space for storage, and you want to protect your privacy when guests come over. Being very purposeful in the furniture you choose and how you decorate can go a long way in enhancing and opening up your space. Here are some ways you can make your studio feel bigger.

Hang Mirrors

Mirrors are an easy, inexpensive way to open up a room. The mirrors reflect light and make the room feel larger than it actually is. You can strategically use multiple mirrors or use one large floor mirror for the best effect.

Container Bed

A container bed is a bed that is essentially on a pedestal. However, instead of simply being lifted off the ground, the space under the bed is actually storage. You have closet doors at the end of the bed to access part of the closet. Then, you can lift the bed to better access all of the storage. This option helps you with your storage issue and helps your space feel more spacious because you need extra storage to hold everything.

Hang a Curtain

Defining spaces in studio apartments Hanalei HI is a great way to help them feel bigger. Consider hanging a curtain if you want to create a separation between your bedroom and living room areas. Depending on your layout, you could either do one large curtain from the floor to ceiling at the end of the bed or hang one completely around it.

Go Vertical

Because your floor space is limited, rely on your walls for storage. Use wall hooks or shelves to store your kitchen or personal items. Additionally, rely on space on the side of your washer/dryer combo or refrigerator. You can purchase strong shelves that are attached with magnets. They often also come with a paper towel holder and some storage hooks.