Home Security: Tips in Protecting Your Home While on Vacation

We’ve all had our fair share of horror stories about a home being intruded by a thief while the family is away for a long vacation— makes you doubt to leave your house, right? since a problem like this can not only cause distress but also can cost lots of money to fix the damages caused. Thus, to help you out, here are the tips in protecting your home while on vacation.

The following tips here will help you prepare your home to be secured against burglars before you go out and spend the rest of your vacation on a relaxing get-away adventure without having to worry about your home getting robbed.

Install a Home Monitoring System

Since home security is essential, a proper investment is just about right to ensure your home’s safety. Your first line of defense against intruders is your ability to know what is happening to your home while being away, how to do that? Install a home monitoring system.

Home monitoring system allows you to self-monitor the activities inside your home especially if you’ll be away for a long vacation. However, if you are going out of the country or someplace with unreliable data network coverage you may want to have a professionally monitored system wherein an alarm company is in charge of the monitoring inside your home and calls authorities for you if there’s a breaching happening.

Be Private

Social media use is now a part of one’s daily lives, and often than not, people tend to unintentionally publicize important information in regards to one’s self. Now, you might be excited to tell your friends or show to the world that you will be away for a long vacation, especially if it is a great place, however, you might be in for trouble if you do so.

Talking it out to your neighbor or putting anything on your voicemail are also one of the things asides from social media that might indicate that you’re away from home. Which is why you should take proper precaution before leaving your homes, such as not posting vacation photos while being away or make sure your posts are only viewable to family and friends.

Additionally, keep your usual voicemail and make your personal and work email auto reply message discreet.

Place an Outdoor Sensor Light

A sensor light is a motion sensor which will automatically light up a certain area wherein it was installed when there is a motion activity happening in that dark place within the premises of your house. Which is why having an outdoor sensor light installed will calm your fears for the unknown movements in the dark, not to mention that it is inexpensive and is easy to install.

Additionally, placing an outdoor sensor light can help your neighbors look out for your house whenever you are away from home, and it might even deter those unwanted guests since it may catch attention if the sensor light suddenly lights up in the middle of the night.

Secure Your Doors

There’s a statistic data that states that intruders which enter through the front door are at 34 percent, while there’s a 22 percentage for the backdoor. These numbers just show that you really need to secure your doors by putting up some good deadbolt locks that add to the security of your home. Visit https://www.locksmithman.ca/ to know more about durable locks.

Additionally, since technology is now used as a way to even tight up to a place’s security then you might want to try having a smart door lock which lets you unlock your door remotely from your smartphone and allows temporary access with codes that can be expired.

So, if you have someone checking up on your home or if you have a pet sitter coming to take care of your pets, then this is one of the best ways to keep track of who exactly goes in and out of your house.

Hide Your Valuables

Removing your valuables out of sight is a rule of the thumb if you want your house to be burglar-unfriendly since making your valuables easy to see makes it a feast for the eyes of the thieves especially if there’s no one at home. To hide your valuables from those ill-intent eyes, close your curtains or blinds on rooms with electronics, such as televisions or other expensive-looking things.

Additionally, place your important devices, credit cards, pieces of jewelry, or cash in a vault or in a place inside your home which is not easy to find for an added precautionary action.


Needless to say, our home is like a cave wherein there are lots of treasures stored that can be found by those unwanted criminal pirates. Which is why proper safety measures should be exercised and other added security installments should be considered so as to help you protect your house whether you are present or not in your home.

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