Useful information for a trip to Lake Orta 

Lake Orta in Piedmont, Italy, tastes of simplicity and freshness. It is one of those places, initially snubbed in favor of the most flashy, then completely re-evaluated over the years. To want to be romantic, we are talking about a small and elegant fairy mirror, enclosed in the wonderful landscape on site. In short, Lake Orta is perfect for a quiet and refined holiday period. Whether it’s for a week or a few days, it doesn’t matter: here you have the real chance to open up to sensations of the past. Allowing yourself slow rhythms and time to listen.


The problem wherever you go on vacation is parking. Let’s take the small village of Pella as an example. It is a valid starting point for a weekend on Lake Orta, both for its discreet beauty and for the presence of free parking spaces. Since you travel by boat to the island of San Giulio and the village of Orta, you must avoid being anxious all day thinking about the expiring parking meter. But where can you park for free on Lake Orta? In the hamlet of Lagna, not far from the embarkation of San Filiberto, there is a large free parking area. In Pella, in reality, outside the limited traffic zone, you can find unpaid parking spaces rather easily. But in this way, you can park in a strategic point to reach the pier by strolling along the lakefront, among colorful villas and breathtaking views of the island of San Giulio.


After a short walk you reach the boarding point of San Filiberto. A tiny pier on the main square of Pella, where the boats dock with meticulous punctuality. There are various types of passes and tickets, but perhaps the most convenient one leads the tourist to spend only € 4.90, a ticket through which it is possible to manage visits for the whole day, and which can be purchased comfortably on board! Among the things to see on Lake Orta, the islet and the village that gives its name to the entire basin, are two places not to be missed. The ferry route is very short, a kind of delicate approach to the beating heart of the lake. To its picturesque architecture, art and history. While a necklace of mountains frames the picture with elegance.