Plan Your Perfect Beach Vacation

A trip to the shore is the perfect family vacation. It offers plenty of entertainment and fun for the kids and ample relaxation time for you. Do your research and choose your rental wisely to keep things as easy and stress-free as possible. Here are three things to consider when booking rentals on Bald Head Island for your next beach vacation.

Distance to the Beach

If you are planning to spend a lot of time on the beach, you want to find a rental that’s within walking distance. Finding a parking spot will be difficult, time-consuming and expensive during the summer. Besides, do you really want to stuff a bunch of sandy chairs and wet towels in your car at the end of the day?

Pet and Kid Friendly

Take care to choose a rental with plenty of space for your whole family. If you are traveling with children, stay away from charming bed and breakfasts and leave those for the couples seeking a quiet romantic getaway. Consider a spacious house with a big kitchen that you can prepare lunch in, a nice balcony and a separate bedroom for the kids. Don’t forget to check if a rental is pet-friendly if you’re planning to bring along your furry friend.

Look for Amenities

Depending on your preference, amenities might be a plus or a minus. If you love the idea of finding a property with a pool for the kids or an attached restaurant for your family, be sure to take those things into consideration. But with those amenities also comes other families. If what you’re really seeking is privacy, you’re better off with a quiet, detached house far away from the noise.

Put in the extra research time to plan your vacation, and you’ll be rewarded with stress-free, sunny days!