Pet-Friendly Vacations

If you’re the type of pet owner who doesn’t like to leave your fur babies behind, then you have to think long and hard about where your pets are welcome before you embark on a trip. There are certain places you might never take your dog such as Disneyworld or on a cruise, but there are places where your four-legged friends are welcome.


If you like to hike and be outdoors, consider a trip to a state or national park. Some parks allow leashed dogs on the trail, so be sure to research which ones before you load up. Dogs are often allowed in camping areas too. If camping is too primitive for you, there are plenty of dog-friendly Airbnbs or cabins to be found just outside the park gates such as Beavers Bend lodging near Beavers Bend State Park in Oklahoma. This allows you a little more freedom for Fido when you’re settled in for the night.


Many beaches allow leashed dogs, so a vacation on the seashore is a great option if your dog likes the water. Some hotels near the ocean accommodate pets as well. Keep your eye out for one near a self-serve dog wash so that you can get your pets cleaned up before loading them back into the car. Beach rentals that cater to dog owners will often advertise fenced yards too.


Traveling to a city with your pet in tow may not seem like a great idea, but some cities such as Austin, Colorado Springs or Portland, Oregon pride themselves in being dog-friendly. Not only do these cities have loads of outdoor trails and dog parks, but they also feature many restaurants which allow dogs on the patio. So many of the city dwellers are dog lovers that you’ll feel right at home.

If a vacation just doesn’t seem like a vacation without your best buddy, consider choosing a locale that embraces man’s best friend.