Duffel Bags For Some Traveling Fun

Visit France or send your kids with a custom duffel bag to camp. The right duffel can make packing a breeze and you will find it easier than ever to carry your luggage, as the duffel bag’s short straps and wide body allow you to grasp close while running for the train. You can also wedge it under a seat or in an overhead compartment where suitcases can’t go and avoid mix-ups with your name or initials on it.

For quick trips away from home, every girl needs a trendy weekend pack. The Personalized Daisy Quilted Weekender Bag is ideal for short stays and is appropriate for all your overnight needs. You can have it embroidered with your name or nickname for a personalized gift. With a soft, black quilted exterior adorned with scattering daisies, it looks very beautiful and includes vibrantly colored daisy trim and handle info.

The Duffel Bag of the Croc Trimmed Bridesmaid is an optional tote or travel bag for all uses and making travel more enjoyable. Giving the bridesmaids as a thank you thing for being at your reception is a perfect gift. It is available in black with Red, Hot Pink or Light Pink complementary metallic imitation crocodile trims. It also includes an exterior micro fiber, top flap, adjustable shoulder strap, imitation crocodile handles and trimming, and a zippered pocket inner lining.

That makes the Mini Travel Bag stand out, in addition to the fun polka dots, is the built-in zippered cover, cleverly designed to mount and sit on the retractable handle of a wheeled travel bag. This trendy and colorful polka dot mini duffel bag has lined black nylon handles, adjustable black nylon shoulder strap, top zipper closure, bold black nylon trim and a built-in 2 zippered sleeve to tie to the wheeled luggage handle.

Live life and explore the world for visual interest and versatility with the Exploration Duffel Bag with colors that clash confidently and additional clarity. An excellent travel companion that is durable with additional features tailored for climbers, cyclists, bikers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Through embroidering the present with the name or initials of the receiver, you may attach a more personal touch. Available in black or white, orange or blue and constructed of bright, durable polyester, it has front external loops for pens, pocket with cinch closure, top grab tabs to hang bags in locker and side pockets that unbuckle to store gym or travel needs.

This is what defines a Personalized Sports Duffel Bag, both rough and polished. This rugged, sporting bag is just right for him if your guy goes to the gym. It has all the workout equipment that it wants, including a front pocket that unbuckles to hold a yoga mat! This durable sports bag is also the ideal addition for cycling. He would enjoy how adaptable it is because it will hold all he wants as well as it suits his gym gear for that business trip or wedding holiday.

You should carry the Euro Leather Traveler Petite if less is enough. In French, the term “thin” means small or small, which implies that because it is lightweight and easier to carry, it is the ideal carry on pocket. Good for those traveling with light and enjoying fine leather’s sensual look and longevity. It is made of soft, buttery top grain leather and has 2 zippered pockets, a flexible, lined shoulder band for extra comfort and sturdy handles for leather carriage.